Tuesday 10.30-11.15
Session European Real Estate industry is re-defining itself-a Dutch perspective 
Tuesday 15.00-16.00
 Discussion Cross Border Investment Opportunities in Real Estate (REP)
Wednesday 11.30-12.00 Presentation new media and social media (Funda in business)
Wednesday 15.30-16.15

 Presentation and discussion: Focus on winning cities (PropertyEU, JLL, Dutch
Wednesday 16.30-17.30 Gateway Netherlands cocktail offered by all participants
Thursday 10.30-11.15 Interactive session Dutch architecture and real estate development (SDU)
Thursday 15.00-15.45 Session New Development online in the Netherlands. (Funda in business)
Thursday 16.30-18.30

 Drinks: Happy Hour of the 4 Dutch big cities at Plage Le GoĆ©land (open